Friday, 23 April 2010

Theme:"Transitory Moment" , Watercolour - Mark

Theme: "Transitory Moment" Oil on board, !8 by 12 inches, "Gap" by Simon.

"Icon Satire" "Recreation of Pulp Fiction" Watercolour and goache - Mark

Theme "Icon Satire" "Alice in Mumbai" Pencil on paper, Joe

Theme "Icon Satire" "Pope Pops" Digital image , Simon.

Apologies, apologies. Rationale was the Catholic church has a long history of financial acumen, selling credits from purgatory , selling plastic glow in the dark Madonna's, charging to see icons etc. So this is a bit of contemporary merchandising, again sorry....

Theme:" Imaging the Self" "pencil 6 by 8 inches - Mark

Theme:" Imaging the Self" "Fragmented layers of the self", Digital art, Simon

My main roles, work, family, pub, etc around perimeter of image coalesce into each other towards the center, culminating in a deep interior that is beyond the personal, that is common to all, we are just stardust...pass the bong.

Theme:" Imaging the Self" Pencil on 3D mask 6 by 8 inches ,Joe.

Theme WW2, Steffen

Theme WW2, Rhian.

Theme WW2, "Evacuees" watercolour 6 by 8 inches - Mark

Theme WW2, "Memories" watercolour 6 by 8inches, Mark Griffiths.

Theme WW2, "People vs Ideology" line drawing 6 by 8inches,Simon..

First part of image is my mothers recollection of how surprisingly pleasant, funny, interesting, the Italian, then later the German POWs were, who worked on her fathers farm.
The second part shows the ruthless logic of Nazi ideology, the aim was to dismantle any idea of British nationhood and exploit the resources for their needs.