Friday, 23 April 2010

Theme WW2, Steffen

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  1. black and white snowscape

    For this theme I decided to create an outcome based on my Grandad’s war stories. Due to the fact that I have never experienced war, this piece is an interpretation of a story that was partly revealed after my grandfather’s death in 2004. Though it is a little unclear, I believe that my grandfather was involved in helping a resistance group during the 2nd world war. In return for their generosity, the resistance group (who I believe to be either a group of nuns or nurses based in a hotel) produced white outfits for my grandfather and his friends in order to escape capture as they skied through Norway. I am not sure that this story is completely accurate as I only have the Chinese whispers of my family to go by. However, a pencil written postcard found in my grandfather’s attic after his death from one of the nuns/nurses thanking him for his help many years after the war seems to back the story up. This postcard triggered my interest, and even though the result may not be completely accurate it definitely makes me wonder about the thousands of other stories like it that may have been lost or misinterpreted in a similar way over the years.