Monday, 10 May 2010

Theme WW2, Steffan 2


  1. Paintings 2 and 3 (World war 2: abstract mixed media pieces)

    After completing my initial outcome for the World war 2 theme I decided to try and imagine the destruction and devastation caused by the bombing in Swansea during the blitz. I wanted the outcome to be violent, expressive and confusing. To get the ‘feel’ of the situation across I have used ‘debris’ and found objects together with torn materials and multi-layering of media. Maybe the idea is to feel the destruction caused through its aftermath. The ‘serendipity’ aspect of this method of working particularly appeals to me.

  2. Steffan, hello from Stalybridge. Like the idea of confusion and disparate, disconnected objects which explosions bring together. It feels more like the filth and destruction of war than something more stylised (Love much of Picasso's work but not Guernica).